Youth / High School Ministry

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Bob and Claudia Adame
Henry and Jacque Bouma (Grand Rapids Youth Ministry)
Lawrence and Erika Brown (oaksATL)
Craig and Evie Chapman (Metro Community Development Corporation)
Sarah Christensen (Juntos)
Joy Dennis (Juntos)
Ed and Page Cvelich (Urban Hope)
Grand Rapids Youth Ministry
Brandon Hudson (Urban Hope)
Laura Jenkins (Juntos)
Matt and Kellie Maxwell (oaksATL)
Metro Community Development Corporation
Befkadu and Elizabeth Meshesha
Ashley Parker (Juntos)
Parker and Elise Schramm
Hannah and Gabe Kelsey-Towns (Juntos)
Urban Hope

John and Jacky Weidman

High School
Henry and Jacque Bouma (Grand Rapids Youth Ministry)

Aaron and Alicia Collier
Grand Rapids Youth Ministry
Eddy Lopez-Sanchez
Daron and Precious Moore (PTown Fresh)
PTown Fresh
Patrick and Elizabeth Thompson
Felton and Denise Woodson

Photos: Top - Grand Rapids Youth Ministry directed by Henry and Jacque Bouma in Grand Rapids, MI.
Middle - Juntos ministry directed by Laura Jenkins in Albuquerque, NM.
Bottom - Youth ministry directed by Befkadu and Elizabeth Meshesha in Detroit, MI.