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Can I Stay?

Every Monday we drive all around our neighborhood picking up kids for our weekly outreach program. The minute the van door closes and we're off, their little minds clear of the worry they were carrying and those giggly smiles return.

Who Am I?

"But what I am really asking is Who am I, then? How am I supposed to find this out? Who is supposed to tell me who I am?"

A Kingdom Heart

This is a man society had forgotten. And yet as he continued talking, the light of God’s Kingdom became evident in his heart.

Generations in Compton

We remember Tim, from our youth group, as a skinny little kid walking to Compton High School trying to look tough. Yet, underneath, Tim had a tender heart and concern for others.

Though Parents Forsake Me
The Lord will receive me....

The verse that comes to my mind when I think of Sofia is Psalm 27:10, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.” But how does God show His love and presence to Sofia and her brother? How is He going to “receive” these children in a way that they understand—that makes sense for them in their context?